105 Women Graduate from the African Women in Agribusiness Fellowship – Ignite 2023 Cohort

Guzakuza, the pioneering organisation committed to providing women in agribusiness across Africa and the diaspora with tools and resources, proudly announces the successful graduation of 105 accomplished women from the 7th cohort of its flagship program, Ignite 2023.

Ignite, also known as the African Women in Agribusiness Fellowship, is a transformative and intensive program designed to propel female founders and leaders to the next phase of their agribusiness journeys.

Over the past seven years, this initiative has proven to be a catalyst for positive change in the agribusiness landscape, offering expert-led modules, virtual workshops, coaching, networking, and engaging online activities and in-person activities.

The Ignite 2023 application process witnessed an overwhelming response, with 1,283 applications pouring in from 49 countries across Africa and the Diaspora.

This remarkable interest underscores the critical need for platforms like Ignite, dedicated to nurturing and uplifting women in agribusiness.Out of the multitude of applicants, 128 exceptional women were selected for the program.

The fellows embarked on a transformative journey comprising four distinct online training phases and a ten-day in-person session in Accra, Ghana.

The phases – Ignite Within, Ignite a Sis, Reach to Ignite, and Ignited to Ignite – culminated in the post-program extended phase, “Ready to Ignite,” each lasting a minimum of four weeks.

Structured into Field Groups, Business Stage Groups, Country Groups, and Tribes, the Ignite 2023 Training fostered collaborative learning, enabling fellows to explore diverse agribusiness models and techniques essential for building resilient ventures in Africa and beyond.

The 7th cohort proudly announces the graduation of 105 accomplished women from 15 countries out of the 128 who commenced the program, representing 21 African countries.

Guzakuza, reflecting on seven years of inspiring women agripreneurs, reiterates its commitment to driving positive change in the agribusiness landscape.

This year’s cohort received significant support from GIZ Ghana, along with contributions from the Roddenberry Foundation, GIZ Malawi, LevelUp USA, London Academy of Professional Training, and Enterprise Risk Management Institute.

Are you a woman in Agribusiness?

Stay tuned for the 8th application call soon on www.igniteafrika.org

Ignite 2023 Program Highlights

1,283 applications from 49 countries

600 candidates progressed through initial interviews

128 exceptional women selected for Ignite 2023

Ten days in-person session in Accra, Ghana105 graduates from 15 countries out of the 128 who commenced the program

Participants from 21 African countries

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