To improve issues on food security in the country, Solidaridad West Africa launched the Home Gardening initiative on Friday, December 8 2023 at Efua Sutherland Children’s Park in Accra.

The aim is to encourage the youth to go into agriculture and also to stimulate urban homes to utilize their backyards and other planting techniques to grow their food.

The two-day program will include training sessions for aspiring home gardeners on best production practices, exhibitions of produce, and the sale of gardening tools and inputs. Additionally, the event will provide a platform for home gardening enthusiasts to network and share experiences.

Mr Bosman Owusu, country representative of Solidaridad Ghana said the Home Gardening Initiative is being implemented under Solidaridad’s “Acting Now Programme”, which seeks to contribute to food security by supporting producers in building more resilient food systems.

He further explained that the initiative is designed to address critical issues related to food security and nutrition and empower individuals and communities to take control of their nutritional needs.

David Dsane Neequaye, an Animal farming trainer called on Ghanaian youth to take advantage of agriculture to promote food security in urban households and improve their nutritional needs.

He therefore urged the government to fully support the youth in agriculture since is the only way to boost our economy.

Dr. Solomon Ansah, a Ministry of Food and Agriculture representative stated that the Ministry of Food and Agriculture has initiated a 5-year strategic plan that planting for food development phase 2 from 2023 to 2028.

This is to seek the opportunity to expand on the PFJ 2.0. The program seeks to shift into direct smart agriculture and also to structure market arrangements.

They will adopt an integrated and comprehensive approach to increase availability and access to improve seeds and others.



Bernard K Dadzie, Greater Accra

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