Atwima Mponua District Takes Bold Step to Eliminate Perishable Agriculture Goods with Modern Storage Facilities

District Chief Executive Leads Effort to Boost Food Security and Empower Youth in Farming
District Chief Executive Leads Effort to Boost Food Security and Empower Youth in Farming

The Atwima Mponua District Assembly in the Ashanti region is set to revolutionize agricultural practices in the district by constructing modern storage facilities aimed at preserving perishable agriculture produce. Mr. Isaac KOFI Marfo, the District Chief Executive, highlighted the importance of these facilities in supporting increased food production and improving the overall well-being of farmers and citizens.

Recognizing the significance of storage facilities in agriculture, Mr. Marfo emphasized the assembly’s commitment to harnessing their potential. He stated, “With proper facilities in place, it is easy to engage the youth in farming, as they are currently hesitant to enter the industry due to its inherent challenges.” By investing in modern storage infrastructure, the assembly aims to entice young individuals to actively participate in farming, ensuring the sector’s longevity and vitality.

As a predominantly agricultural community, Atwima Mponua District relies heavily on farming activities. Consequently, the district assembly assumes a leadership role in providing local farmers with state-of-the-art storage facilities to prevent the wastage of their produce during the harvest season. Mr. Marfo disclosed this crucial information during an exclusive interview with

The lack of storage options has been a long-standing issue in the district, resulting in significant losses for farmers. The perishable goods they produce often go to waste due to insufficient storage capacity during peak harvest times. Recognizing the detrimental impact on the marketing cycle, Mr. Marfo expressed the assembly’s determination to help farmers overcome this predicament. He asserted, “Proper storage is essential to protect agricultural produce throughout the value chain, and we are committed to assisting farmers in breaking free from this situation.”

Taking the opportunity to address potential investors, Mr. Marfo called for their support in constructing local cold storage facilities. These investments would complement the assembly’s ongoing efforts to combat perennial food losses plaguing agriculturists in the area. By joining forces with investors, the district aims to enhance its storage infrastructure and establish a comprehensive system that safeguards agricultural produce, bolstering food security in the region.

Moreover, Mr. Marfo lauded the government’s commitment to empowering farmers within the Atwima Mponua District. The government has pledged to provide quality seeds, seedlings, and technical support to enhance food production. This comprehensive approach reflects the administration’s dedication to supporting farmers and ensuring sustainable agricultural practices.

As the Atwima Mponua District forges ahead with its plan to implement modern storage facilities, the district assembly, under the guidance of Mr. Isaac KOFI Marfo, is poised to transform agricultural practices, empower youth engagement in farming, and eradicate the persistent issue of perishable agriculture goods going to waste. Through collaborative efforts with investors and the government’s unwavering support, the district aspires to set an example for other regions and contribute to the nation’s overall food security.


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