California Berry Genetics Introduces New Patented Blueberry Varietals to Elevate Crop Portfolios at World Ag Expo, February 14-16, 2023


Top blueberry producer offers farmers more efficiency and profitability with exciting new cultivars.

Stop by their booth for the chance to win $200 in exotic, new blueberry plants! (SELMA, CA) JANUARY 2023 – Consumer blueberry demand has been growing rapidly for the last two decades — between 2000 to 2019 fresh blueberry consumption increased from 79.1 million lb. to 373 million lb.

1 Analysis suggests the importance of blueberry genetic programs and how they can drive the farmer’s ability to meet this demand.

2 California Berry Genetics is one of the top blueberry breeders and nurseries in the country and is bringing farmers exotic new varietals that are evolving the blueberry category with larger, sweeter, and more unique cultivars.

Meet the Co-Founders, Greg and Monica Willems at World Ag Expo in Tulare, California to learn more, from February 14-16, 2023 at booth 3205.

California Berry Genetics has been working with the renowned blueberry breeder and Horticulture Professor, Scott NeSmith of the University of Georgia to develop a program that will provide farmers access to the most efficient, innovative, and flavorful blueberry cultivars available.

For farmers, California Berry Genetics’ new varietals work well with a machine harvest, which is ideal for operations facing labor shortages and those that are keeping food safety top of mind.

These blueberries are also a high-yield crop. “The World Ag Expo is one of the largest agricultural trade shows in the world and we’re excited to share our leading breeding program and superior berries with the industry,” said California Berry Genetics CEO, Greg Willems. “From the Sweet Duchess to the Early Duchess and Blue Duchess varieties, our mission is to provide farmers with the best cultivars available, that will drive market demand across sectors.” California Berry Genetics is selling elevated blueberry varieties bred by NeSmith: • Sweet Duchess – a low-chill blueberry that is ideal for growing in warmer climates.

This varietal offers robust flavor, firmness, and shelf life. 1 FE1123/FE1123: Market trends for US berry crops: Implications for Florida blueberry, blackberry, and Raspberry Producers. (n.d.). Retrieved January

• Early Duchess – another low chill, firm blueberry with inviting color and bloom.

Early Duchess berries generally grow quickly and produce high yields. • Blue Duchess – these outstanding berries offer an exceptional crunch and elevated crispy flavor.

They are a favorite amongst farmers and consumers alike. California Berry Genetics already sells popular blueberry varietals such as Miss Lilly, Miss Alice Mae ™, and Suziblue to mainstream stores under the Farm to Table Berries brand.

The team is looking forward to sharing its unique genetics program and cultivars with the agriculture industry to take the berry category to a new level.

California Berry Genetics California Berry Genetics is one of the top blueberry nurseries in the nation, calling on generations of expertise and wisdom.

They piloted a program with a renowned horticulturist, Scott NeSmith of the University of Georgia that has varieties all over the world.

Their Farm to Table Berries line, which is available at most large grocery retailers, features some of the best and most consistent blueberries to hit store shelves.

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