Among the necessities for human survival, food is so paramount. Yet, the food basket of many Africans remains empty.

Empirical evidence suggests that the modern ways of farming such as the use of improved seeds which are climate smart with high yields more nutritionally enhanced, coupled with better farming equipment and skilled labour can transform African food systems and ensure no one get goes to bed on an empty stomach.

In light of this, Legacy Crop Improvement Centre (LCIC) was established on November 1, 2015, and thus embarked on its seed business journey with the sole objective of enhancing food production through the production and dissemination of high-quality climate smart seeds. This journey undoubtedly earmarked a major turning point of the seed business landscape in Ghana.

Legacy Crop Improvement Centre (LCIC) thus set the pace and surged ahead of competition. With a genuine desire for excellence, determination, customer focus, innovations and above all a forward-thinking seed business entity. LCIC altered the path of seed business services delivery in Ghana, leaving an indelible footprint for the years to come.

Today, LCIC has revolutionized seed business delivery in Ghana and is a matter of course celebrating a significant milestone in its journey – 8 solid years of investing in seed business excellence and empowering Ghana’s seed industry.

LCIC’s business approach over the years has been built on the solid foundation of its human resources, smart technologies, and timely service delivery.

The Brains Behind the Success

At the helm of affairs, a visionary leadership team has skilfully steered the company towards a trajectory of growth and sustainability.

The leadership strategic prowess, unwavering commitment to excellence and adept at navigating the organization through a myriad of challenges has been pivotal in the company’s success story. Behind the scenes, the heartbeats of the company resonate with its devoted permanent and non-permanent staff.

From the diligent walk-in-seed shop manager to the unsung heroes working tirelessly in the fields and processing sites, constitute the spirit and soul of LCIC.

The unwavering dedication of the staff to customer service, alignment with the company values, and relentless work ethic constitute the driving force that propels the LCIC’s success. Additionally, LCIC’s commitment to fostering talent and personal growth, as well as its dedication to a diverse and inclusive culture, underpins its success on this remarkable journey.

The commitment of its employees underscores the company’s core values, and enduring corporate culture, reflecting a commitment to integrity, professionalism, innovation, and customer focus which permeates every facet of their work.

How LCIC Leads the Way

Innovation and TechnologyIn the rapidly changing global seed business landscape, LCIC is the trailblazer in technological innovation.

With a relentless commitment to serving our farmers and other stakeholders better, the LCIC has consistently led the way in redefining the seed business in Ghana through innovative solutions. One significant milestone in LCIC’s innovation journey was its pioneering venture into the production and marketing of basic seeds of hybrid maize.

LCIC was the first commercial seed company to venture into this sector, by revolutionizing the availability and accessibility of basic seeds to seed growers in a timely manner. Smart Seed Business Centre – Legacy Square, Otareso.

Recognizing and appreciating the demand of the stakeholders for seed and its related activities, the company has built a smart seed business centre dubbed LEGACY SQUARE at Otareso near Koforidua in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Being the first of its kind in Ghana and West Africa, the centre is equipped with state of art seed processing machines, seed and grain dryers, tractors, seed planters and provides warehousing and brokerage services.

The Square enables customers to have a one-stop-shop service for their farming activities and produce. The centre is gaining widespread adoption, and this has marked a transformation in the seed business landscape in Ghana.

Seed Business Management Training

Accelerator The company has introduced an online training module to enhance the capacity of next generation seedpreneurs. This online training takes place once every month and is free for everyone willing to join. Simultaneously, LCIC has opened to all tertiary students in the agriculture fraternity to join for their internship.

Climate Smart Varieties – Legacy 26, Legacy 2, and Legacy 17LCIC has introduced 3 climate-smart hybrid seed maize varieties namely Legacy 26, Legacy 2 and Legacy 17 with a grain yield of 8 tons/ha, 9 tons/ha and 10 tons/ha respectively. These technologies are not only climate-smart but also nutritionally enhanced.

The company has demonstrated remarkable adaptability, staying at the forefront of technology and innovation, and in offering cutting-edge solutions to farmers.

The Differentiating Factor – Quality Service and Timely Delivery

LCIC has created some of the most farmer-centric products and services that have and continue to serve farmers.

As an innovative seed company with dedicated staff, we offer free delivery of products to the doorsteps of our customers, and this strategy has led to LCIC becoming one of the companies that focuses on building relationships with farmers.

Global Recognition – Africa Food Systems Forum

Throughout its journey, LCIC has maintained its visibility on the international stage. Since 2019, LCIC has been participating in the food systems summit, formerly known as the African Green Revolution Forum, organized by AGRA.

The LCIC’s unwavering commitment to being part of a global solution to food and nutrition security issues, LCIC is now one of the few partner of the Africa Food Systems Forum as the company partnered the 2022 and 2023 summits in Rwanda and Tanzania respectively.

What Next?

LCIC has proven itself as a home of high-quality seeds for farmers.

With unwavering dedication to farmers and other stakeholders, the company has shown exemplary seed business services that have contributed to the growth and prosperity of farmers. As we celebrate the 8th anniversary, the LCIC’s commitment to its customers remains resolute.

The company acknowledges the essence of technology in enhancing and improving food and nutrition security and intends to maintain its leadership in this regard by investing in modern technologies such as biotechnology through research and exploring other emerging technologies that will shape the future of humanity.

In addition, LCIC remains dedicated to promoting the use of high-quality seeds among farmers, focusing on innovative solutions, literacy programs to empower the generations of farmers and seedpreneurs, and extends its physical presence to many parts of West Africa, LCIC seeks to further strengthen partnerships and collaboration with researchers, local and international seed companies, harnessing expertise, and resources to drive the company innovation and continued growth to benefit farmers and other stakeholders.

Looking into the future

LCIC looks into the future with confidence and a deep sense of appreciation of the tremendous opportunities that lay ahead.

The company tracks its stakeholders such as farmers, shareholders, employees, and communities in which it operates, will stand it in good stead in all its endeavours.

The overarching aim is to lead a dynamic and vibrant seed industry when it comes to the production and marketing of high-quality seeds and related services.

Richmond Frimpong

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