DLG Gold Medal awarded to Bernd Koch in recognition of international cooperation

Distinction for services in the German and international markets – Managing Director of DLG International GmbH from 2009 to 2022

(DLG). DLG’s (German Agricultural Society) Board of Directors has awarded Bernd Koch of Waldeck, Germany, a DLG Gold Medal for International Cooperation.

As Freya von Czettritz, CEO of DLG Holding GmbH, emphasized in her award presentation speech, with this honor the DLG is recognizing his significant services for DLG both in Germany and abroad: “Bernd Koch is an international trade fair expert par excellence who is well known in the global exhibition industry.

On his many international travels for the DLG, Mr. Koch has shaped the face of DLG abroad through his close personal contact with local partners.

His courteous, open and friendly manner have opened many doors for the DLG.” The CEO of DLG e.V. Dr. Lothar Hövelmann alongside Freya von Czettritz presented the DLG gold medal during EuroTier 2022 in Hanover, Germany.

A graduate of agricultural sciences from Göttingen University, specializing in livestock, Bernd Koch is an expert in cattle breeding and has accumulated experience at Zucht- und Besamungsunion Hessen eG in Alsfeld and as head of marketing at Rinder-Union West eG., where he was responsible for the international marketing of breeding cattle. In this role, he travelled extensively to agricultural exhibitions in Eastern Europe, Russia, North Africa and South America and acted as the information expert and coordinator within the network of German pavilions.

DLG has benefited from Bernd Koch’s experience, international know-how and extensive network, which he has applied to develop DLG International GmbH, first opening the office for DLG’s subsidiary in Beijing, China, in 2009. Today, DLG International GmbH has 13 subsidiaries, which are a global DLG network representing the DLG as a professional organization with its DLG brand, covering all aspects of agriculture and food in many regions of the world. Regional trade fairs and specialist exhibitions such as “Tomato Days” in Turkey and “Seagriculture” focusing on seaweed, but also several international offshoots of the major flagship fairs Agritechnica and EuroTier, are organized by the subsidiaries. Under the management of Bernd Koch, a portfolio of over 30 trade fair and event formats has been established worldwide.

Mr. Koch has zealously developed the field of stand construction for trade fairs into an important business area of DLG International GmbH. Exhibitors at DLG trade fairs and national pavilions can book the stand construction for their stand with all additional services in a complete package, which is also an important service component for DLG’s leading trade fairs.

Bernd Koch retired on December 1, 2022. His successor is Managing Director of DLG International is Jens Kremer.


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Photo legend: DLG’s Chief Executive Officer Dr. Lothar Hövelmann and Freya von Czettritz, CEO of DLG Holding GmbH, present Bernd Koch (center) with the DLG Gold Medal for International Cooperation

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