New research reveals effects of Orego-Stim and pHorce supplementation in broilers

New research from the Southern Poultry Research Group (SPRG), shared at the 2023 International Poultry Scientific Forum, demonstrates that Orego-Stim and pHorce are effective in the prevention and control of necrotic enteritis.

Professor Charles Hofacre, President of the Southern Poultry Research Group (SPRG) presented results of a trial at the 2023 International Poultry Scientific Forum in Georgia, USA. The work, titled “Prevention and control of necrotic enteritis with an essential oil (Orego-Stim) and an organic acid (pHorce)”, reported that Orego-Stim and pHorce supplementation was effective in managing broilers and supporting performance through a necrotic enteritis challenge window

Professor Charles Hofacre
President of the Southern Poultry Research Group

“Necrotic enteritis is commonly seen in broilers from 14-28 days and is caused by over-population of Clostridium perfringens, with coccidia infection acting as a predisposing factor,” explained Professor Hofacre. “The most common form of necrotic enteritis is subclinical, which can lead to negative effects on growth rate and feed efficiency due to intestinal damage and impairment of nutrient absorption”.

In the trial, 1800 Ross x Ross chicks were randomly assigned to 1 of 4 groups (Challenge control, Orego-Stim: 1000 g/t, Orego-Stim: 500 g/t and Orego-Stim + pHorce: 300 g/t + 500 g/t). On day 0, all groups received a live coccidia vaccine, and on day 14 were challenged with Clostridium perfringens via the drinking water. Mortality, feed intake and FCR were recorded until 42 days of age.

Broilers fed diets supplemented with Orego-Stim and pHorce had a significantly lower mortality as a result of necrotic enteritis infection, lower overall mortality and improved feed intakes. Orego-Stim supplementation resulted in a numerically improved FCR compared to the group of NE challenged broilers in the control group.

“Feeding Orego-Stim in the diet of broilers also reduced necrotic enteritis lesion scores compared to the challenge control group,” said Professor Hofacre. “Overall, the trial results demonstrated that Orego-Stim had a significant impact on preventing clinical necrotic enteritis and helped to minimise the negative effects of Clostridium perfringens on broiler body weight and FCR”.

Professor Hofacre, who has a BS in Agriculture, an MS in Poultry Science and a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, as well as a Master of Avian Medicine and a PhD in Veterinary Medical Microbiology, presented the impressive results of the trial work at the IPSF poster session of IPPE.

Orego-Stim, developed and manufactured by independent feed additive manufacturer Anpario, is a phytogenic feed additive formulated from a unique source of 100% natural oregano essential oil.

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