Kuhis Tutor Wins District’s Best Aquaculture Farmer Award

Madam Vivian Opoku Gyimah, a government tutor at Kumasi High Senior High School, has been recognized as the Atwima Kwanwoma District’s Best Aquaculture Farmer for 2023.

The assembly presented her with the following items: 6 machetes, 1 knapsack spraying machine, half a piece of cloth, 2 rain boots, a radio, and 2 other chemicals.

Over the past 4 years, her hard work has garnered the attention of Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) officials in the district, leading to her being acknowledged as the district’s top aquaculture producer.


During the COVID-19 lockdown, while schools were closed, Madam Vivian sought to remain productive rather than waiting idly for government directives on school reopening. She decided to venture into mini-farming, which eventually led her to become a full-scale farmer.

She currently manages 10 fish ponds, each stocked with catfish and tilapia, as well as 120 pigs, 1000 birds, and various types of vegetables.

As the CEO of Vogdaya Farms, Madam Vivian has distinguished herself in the aquaculture industry in the district and beyond through the value addition of her products after harvesting.

Madam Vivian received her award at the 39th Farmers Day celebration, where she urged the government to scale up the production of fish feeds in the country to reduce the high cost of feeding livestock.

She emphasized that the high cost of feeding does not encourage many young people to enter the industry and suggested a free tax holiday for Ghanaian investors willing to set up feed processing plants.

She believes that with this support, the country would be in a better position to address the significant fish deficit gaps

Richmond Frimpong

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