Meet Certified Crop Advisor Conservationist of the Year Russell Taylor of Live Earth Products at the World Ag Expo

According to the USDA, “Conservation in agriculture is vital to maintain the productivity and sustainability of America’s working and non-working lands.”[1] No one is more prepared to share their wealth of knowledge on conservation than Russell Taylor, VP of Live Earth Products and recipient of the 2023 CCA Conservationist of the Year Award. In receiving the award, Mr. Taylor was commended for his commitment to helping change agriculture by embracing natural conservation practices and improving soil health.

Visit 2023 CCA Conservationist of the Year Russell Taylor at Booth 3920-3921 to get his expert insight on improving soil health, conserving water, and enhancing nutrient use efficiency in the 2024 growing season.

Russell Taylor’s recent recognition as the Certified Crop Advisor Conservationist Award Winner for 2023 is a testament to the impactful conservation work being done in the field. His unwavering dedication to advancing conservation through agricultural practices is evident through his crop advising work at Live Earth Products and his proactive leadership role as the Humic Products Trade Association president. This prestigious accolade underscores Taylor’s commitment to enhancing soil health and supporting farmers in navigating the complexities of modern agriculture.

Conservation in agriculture is more critical now than ever due to limited resources. With lower precipitation levels, high heat, and unpredictable weather, water conservation and nutrient use efficiency in growers’ soil are vital to a successful crop. With complete confidence, Mr. Taylor will tell you the key to improving soil health is focusing on soil organic matter.

According to the USDA NRCS, a one percent increase in organic matter can increase soil water-holding capacity by 27,000 gallons per acre.[2] One tool Mr. Taylor often relies on to build organic matter in soils is humate. When included in a soil-building program, humates can help support water conservation and enhance plant nutrient uptake. Incorporating humates into soil health programs is an excellent way for farmers to boost their ROI.

“Making a real change in soil health is a multi-year commitment; you can’t fix a soil in one year, said Mr. Taylor. “Improving soil organic matter will help reduce the impact of abiotic stress factors like water scarcity while also boosting soil quality, enhancing nutrient use efficiency, and reducing fertilizer loss.”
Stop by World Ag Booth 3920-3921 to learn about participating in Live Earth Products’ humate trial program.

Live Earth Products is looking for farmers — of any crop — who have a plot that is giving them trouble. Be it soil that is low in organic matter, high in salt, or problematically calcified, Live Earth’s agronomists are ready to demonstrate to growers how humates can improve soil health, water retention and nutrient use efficiency. Russell Taylor expects the program to be successful, with a recent 2021 study of their Liquid 6 product by the University of Tennessee concluding with an increased corn yield by 16 bushels per acre compared to a nitrogen stabilizer alone.

Live Earth Products will be showcasing the following products at World Ag Expo:

Live Earth Humate Soil Conditioner

Live Earth Humate Soil Conditioner is an organic soil amendment designed for turf, ornamentals, and crops. This product aids in increasing the concentration of stable organic matter in the soil. Sourced from an ancient plant deposit known as humic shale, Live Earth Humate Soil Conditioner is naturally rich in humic and fulvic acids, offering an easy-to-use solution for enriching soil health. LM-32 AG: (1.5% hydrophobic fulvic acid)

LM-32 AG is a cold water-extracted fulvic acid from humic shale that contains natural organic acids. This product is an excellent addition to all fertilizer mixes. LM-32 AG is OMRI listed for producers needing USDA NOP-compliant fulvic acid.

Liquid 6 (Humic Acid, 6% HPTA Approved Method)

Liquid 6 is a liquid humic acid designed for use on turf, ornamentals, and crops. It blends well with most liquid fertilizers and is ideal for improving nutrient uptake, increasing organic matter, and reducing nutrient tie-up in the soil. Liquid 6 is derived from a mined ancient humic shale that is low in ash and works well in all irrigation types, including drip irrigation. Liquid 6 is listed for organic production with CDFA, Washington Dept of Ag, and OMRI.

Animal Products

Live Earth’s Humate is used to help promote a well-balanced diet for livestock when added to animal feed. For over six decades, farmers have observed positive results from the inclusion of humates in their animal-feeding programs. The minerals in humate can benefit livestock, including beef cattle, hogs, chickens, and more. The mineral-rich compounds in Live Earth Humates help store minerals, reduce manure odor, and provide trace minerals.


Located in Emery, Utah, Live Earth Products, Inc. mines and manufactures humic and fulvic acid-based products. The humic-based ingredients manufactured by Live Earth are used in agriculture, animal feeds, cosmetics, dietary supplements, balneotherapy, bioremediation, organic gardening, and lawn care. Live Earth Products is a family-run business culminating 35 years of hard work and innovation. Live Earth Products are the choice of organic and conventional buyers.

For more information, visit Live Earth online. For media inquiries, contact Peter Berk at Christie & Co,, by phone (818) 389-7912 and/or email [email protected].


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