Poultry Farmer Urges Ghanaian Youth to Shift Focus from Sports Betting to Poultry Farming

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Bekwai Kwamang: Augustine Wireko Asubonteng, the Managing Director of Wireko Asubonteng Farms Limited, is advocating for Ghanaian youth to redirect their energies away from sports betting towards poultry farming, citing its potential to transform their lives within a year.

“Betting is not a sustainable investment opportunity,” Asubonteng emphasized, urging young people to consider the long-term benefits of poultry farming instead.

Expressing concern over the increasing trend of youth involvement in sports betting, Asubonteng stressed the need for alternative livelihoods that offer greater stability and potential for growth.

In an interview with the Daily Agric News portal, Asubonteng highlighted the advantages of poultry production, stating his willingness to support individuals looking to transition from gambling to farming.

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Drawing from his own experience, Asubonteng recounted his journey from starting with 15,000 layers to currently managing 90,000 birds, underscoring the transformative power of poultry farming.

Formerly employed as a Chartered Accountant at Goldfield Company Limited, Asubonteng now dedicates himself to poultry farming to reduce Ghana’s reliance on imported poultry products.

Mr. Augustine Wireko Asubonteng, MD

In advocating for a shift in focus from gambling to entrepreneurship, Asubonteng called for the development of comprehensive youth innovation policies to nurture a generation of problem-solvers and critical thinkers.

He concluded by urging young people to address the country’s persistent challenges through innovation and hard work, emphasizing that there are no shortcuts to success in today’s world.

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